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Fashion Designer PA proves Mums can work

It can be difficult to re-enter the workplace after an extended period of parental leave. RMS Recruitment can help you to find a flexible PA or secretarial position that allows you to fit your work around your home life.

We spoke to Meredith who, thanks to RMS Recruitment, earned a top PA job with flexible hours. She was initially unsure if there were the kinds of roles available that would best suit her. Through RMS Recruitment she is now working for a famous Italian Fashion Designer!


What was your background before becoming a mother?

I am initially from America. I’d completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts. Following that I moved to London and earned a Masters degree in Marketing from Webster University in London. Before I had my two children I worked for a law firm and then did marketing and brand consultancy for a London property firm. I married an Englishman and I’ve been here ever since! What kind of flexibility did you need? I took a five-year break from work whilst my children were very young. My kids are now aged 6 and 3 so I needed to be available for pre-school drop offs and pick-ups. Working 9-5, five days a week was just not an option for me.

How did you find your current job?

I was thrilled that I managed to secure the first job I was put forward for by RMS Recruitment. They helped me to prepare for the interview and everything went well. The role itself is working for a high-profile individual, managing his households in the UK and abroad, as well as organising extensive overseas travel itineraries and managing household staff.

How do you fit your work with your other commitments?

The position is a job share and is two days a week, working 9 to 5. Working only two days gives me the opportunity to balance my work and home life without either affecting the other. I have flexibility during the school summer holidays as it coincides with my employer taking time off during August. The commute from home to work can be a little tricky but only when public transport isn’t behaving!

How are you finding your new job?

I’d never really seen myself working as a PA but I absolutely love the variety and flexibility that comes with the role. I don’t have to work long hours or take work home, allowing me to focus on home life once it hits 5pm. I had no direct experience as a PA but RMS Recruitment helped to show me that it was my life experience that was important and I had a whole array of transferable skills that were relevant. I love my job, there are exciting challenges and I gain a glimpse into the world of an extremely successful man. I’m busy at home, and I’m busy at work, but they are two totally different worlds and experiences.


Meredith is a fantastic example of how mothers can find flexible PA or secretarial roles . RMS Recruitment can help you to open career paths you may have thought were closed to you. If you are looking for a flexible job you can speak to one of our recruitment consultants by calling 0207 518 9170 or contact us online .

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