Five Reasons Why RMS Recruitment Should Be Your Employment Agency

With our fifteen years of experience in the recruitment market, we know how hard it is to find the right match. Whether you are a graduate seeking your first job or a company looking to fill a vacant position, we are here to help. At RMS Recruitment, we are dedicated to help both clients and candidates find a working solution that is beneficial for all. Here are five reasons why you should trust us with your career or your business:

1. Trained and Experienced Consultants

RMS Recruitment believes in providing only the best employment solutions. Our trained and experienced consultants make sure that each candidate we send to a client is fully capable and suited to the task at hand. Our consultants go to great lengths in questioning and carrying out comprehensive background checks prior to recruitment.

2. Top Quality Candidates

In addition to our initial process, we guarantee that all our candidates are the finest in their fields. Our good reputation allows us to attract and maintain top-quality candidates on a long-term basis, who are assessed individually in a face-to-face interview with our team. Our consultants build strong relationships with our candidates to get to know them better on a professional and social level and to find them the best job possible to enhance their long term career prospects.

3. Direct Recommendations Bring in New Clients

The majority of our new clients find us because of direct recommendations from candidates. This goes to prove that our process is tried, tested and highly efficient. We don�t waste time cold calling clients but spend this time building a deeper understanding of our clients and candidates. All the same, we still maintain our high standards and reputation; we refuse to work with clients or candidates with poor references.

4. Six-Month Guarantee on Permanent Placements

We make sure that our clients have the final say in the recruitment decision; that is exactly what our six-month guarantee means. Under this arrangement, clients are allowed to replace an employee, without charge, if things do not work out for the first three months. If the candidate leaves within 4-6 months, we immediately recruit a replacement at a 50% discount.

5. Team Work Leads to Best Results

Our culture here at RMS Recruitment encourages collaboration with our employees. Our consultants are all unique in their own way but they work well as a team. They are all equally self-motivated, intuitive and driven, with a passion for hard work. The result is a positive candidate and client experience that leads to quality, long-term placements. Call us today at 44 (0)207 518 9170 and see why RMS Recruitment is a leading recruitment consultancy.

Interview Tips For Candidates
RMS Recruitment have compiled a list of tips and tricks to maximise your chances of getting that all important PA or secretarial position.
due diligence
Research the company.
List some good questions to ask.
Plan your route (arrive 15 minutes before the interview).
Wear appropriate dress (your consultant can advise on the company style).
Take a copy of your CV for the interviewer but don’t use it for reference.
Good, strong (not too tight) handshake.
Never swear or put down work colleagues, previous bosses or employers.
Be open with your answers and about your skills and experience.
Relax and enjoy the interview. Try and build a good rapport.
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