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Introducing another of our inspiring candidates for international women’s day!

Next up we’re celebrating the ultra-inspiring Nicole for International Women’s Day! This multi-talented lady has been a joy to work with from start to finish and as a high level EA, the owner of her own Equestrian events business, and a single mum, she always manages to make the unmanageable look effortless! The best thing about this job is the wealth of brilliant women we work with every day.

Nicole Schneider, Founder, Organised Equestrian

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is a celebration of the social, economic and political achievements of women over time and especially in the last century where we’ve seen such change for our gender. But from a more current perspective it’s about the incredible capability of women to excel both in the workplace and at home. How many women do we see who are (sometimes frantically!) juggling families and careers?! And even when they’ve made the decision to stay at home to raise their children, they are usually the heart of the family and nothing happens without them! As a single mum, working full-time, who also has my own business, I understand how much it all takes and I think women should be celebrated for their immense capability in life!

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

The same advice as I give to my 10 year old daughter ” I would say, you really are capable of anything if you have sincere determination and you’re willing to put the time and effort in. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back or you’ll never achieve anything. Also, don’t get distracted by unimportant things. Nourish your life with all the good stuff.

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