Our Mission-Vision: What Makes RMS Recruitment an Industry Leader

Since our establishment in 2000, we have always strived to stay true to our founders; original vision. Our founders and directors Tessa Meadows-Smith and Kate Rawlings aimed to start a consultancy that would provide a high-quality, bespoke recruitment service, which, one day, would be recognised and trusted in a highly competitive marketplace. Years later, our candidates and clients believe that we have achieved this.

What sets us apart from other recruitment agencies is our dedication to the care of our candidates. Through this approach, we have been able to provide clients with only the most qualified, top-class candidates. We never resorted to cold-calling and over-promising, which is why we have been able to build a loyal following of clients and candidates throughout our years of operation. It is through this focus that we have achieved success and set a strong foundation for our business. As the years go by, we continue to grow and improve, weeding out the weakest links and turning away clients who may impede RMS;s reputation to its candidates.

As a reward for our efforts, our candidates and clients have been steadily providing us direct referrals to expand our database. Our candidates went on to be clients themselves and have been recommending our services to friends and colleagues, who have a similar work ethic and characteristics that RMS looks for in a quality candidate.

We also give the time of day to our clients by maintaining a strong business relationship. We regularly visit clients in order to gain an insight into their business. We make it our mission to see what they need based on their culture, environment and their employee requirements. Through this in-depth process, we are able to handpick a shortlist of suitable clients as opposed to randomly generating from our database. Through the hard work, dedication and brilliant leadership of our founders, we have become one of the leading recruitment consultancies in London, and we actively maintain this reputation.

Today, RMS Recruitment is a market leader in recruiting Secretarial, PA and Office Support staff in Central London but we will never cease to better ourselves. As of now, we are looking to expand our ever-growing Temp Recruitment division to meet the demands of the growing sector, furthering businesses by providing flexibility for more growth, and manoeuvring their own manpower. Our Temp team works alongside the Permanent consultants in solving short-term and long-term needs through contract solutions whilst holding true to our core values of candidate care, and a top-quality, bespoke service for clients.

Interview Tips For Candidates
RMS Recruitment have compiled a list of tips and tricks to maximise your chances of getting that all important PA or secretarial position.
due diligence
Research the company.
List some good questions to ask.
Plan your route (arrive 15 minutes before the interview).
Wear appropriate dress (your consultant can advise on the company style).
Take a copy of your CV for the interviewer but don’t use it for reference.
Good, strong (not too tight) handshake.
Never swear or put down work colleagues, previous bosses or employers.
Be open with your answers and about your skills and experience.
Relax and enjoy the interview. Try and build a good rapport.
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