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Our Recruitment Services

Client Services

With a database of over 15,000 secretary, PA or office support candidates at any given time, we are confident in our ability to connect you with the perfect candidate.
The services we provide for clients cover the entire recruitment process.

Client Visits

Whenever you seek our help, we will gladly send one of our experienced and friendly recruitment consultants to your office to discuss the nature of the open position. Similarly, client visits provide us with a first-hand look at the company culture and work environment of your office, further helping us find a candidate who has the potential to be a “perfect fit” in your company.

Candidate Search

After discussing all the specifics with you, we will hold a debriefing meeting with our entire team of consultants. This is done so we can pinpoint who among the 15,000+ candidates in our database presents the best fit in terms of qualifications and attitude. We also place a number of ads in newspapers and websites to increase the scope of our candidate search.


All RMS Recruitment consultants have undergone extensive training to help them identify the best candidates for any PA, secretarial, office support, or temp positions in your company. Furthermore, our consultants conduct a thorough screening process for all viable candidates to assess their skill level.


After screening all potential candidates, we narrow the list down to the best of the best, usually two to six candidates. This saves you from having to interview numerous candidates who may or may not be fully qualified for the position you need to fill.


After each interview, we take the time to ask candidates to provide honest and comprehensive feedback on the meeting so we can gauge their interest and gather their thoughts on the recruitment process. In many cases, candidates provide valuable feedback that will undoubtedly help you make good hiring decisions.

Offer Of Employment

Once you’ve decided on a candidate you want for your team, we can forward your formal offer (basic salary and any company benefits) to your chosen candidate. We can also advise you on the salary we believe will entice the secretarial candidate to sign with you straightaway.

Six-Month Guarantee

Client satisfaction is what we aim for. We want you to be completely happy with the candidate you’ve hired. If things don’t work out as expected within the first three months, we’d be happy to find a replacement free of charge. If a candidate leaves during months 4 to 6, we will find a replacement at 50% discount.

After Sales Services

Our recruitment consultants will keep in touch with both you and the successful candidate(s) to make sure everything is going well for both sides. As for payment, we invoice you for the balance of the recruitment fee on the candidate’s commencement of employment and ask that you settle this invoice within two weeks.

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We look forward to working with you toward a brighter future foryour company.

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