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Raising salaries the key to attracting top talent

Top secretarial candidates are currently experiencing the luxury of multiple lucrative job offers thanks to a shortage of high-calibre candidates that are available across the secretarial sector. In order to recruit the best talent, companies need to raise the salaries of secretarial and office support positions in order to become an attractive destination for candidates.

The number of secretarial jobs in London has spiked in the last year with an increase of 22% but with top candidates hard to come by, the supply can’t keep pace with the demand. Candidates are able to compare the benefits and disadvantages of multiple job offers, allowing them to choose the option that suits them best.

Clients not willing to increase their salary budgets at offer stage are frustrated and disappointed when their preferred candidate declines their job offer for a competitor. Increasing the offer at this stage is usually too late as the delicate balance of control and desire shifts from client to candidate.


Recruitment agencies, including RMS Recruitment, have recommended that companies need to raise salaries in order to secure the best available candidates, and to keep current staff from moving elsewhere. This recommendation looks to have been acknowledged as shown by statistics recently collated by the Robert Walters Salary Survey.

The survey indicates that secretarial and support salaries are set to increase by 2% on average but could rise as much as 15% for some specialist positions. Despite a small rise in the number of total candidates looking for secretarial jobs, employers are continuing to struggle to fill vacancies due to the shortage in high-quality, experienced professionals. Companies need to increase salaries and work with top recruitment agencies in order to secure the best candidates.

RMS Recruitment can help employers to find the best available talent to fill their vacant positions on either a permanent or temporary basis thanks to our extensive pool of quality candidates. We have in-depth knowledge of secretarial recruitment having worked in the industry since the 1980s and the exponential growth of our candidate network which grows through recommendations places us in the best position to connect high-calibre candidates with suitable, professional employers which is why our clients and candidates prefer to work on a sole agency basis.

As one of the best secretarial recruitment agencies in London , we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best of the best. At any given time we have a database of over 15,000 secretary and PA candidates, allowing us to find that perfect individual that would be a fantastic addition to your company.


If you’re a London-based business looking to recruit the best available candidates for secretarial and PA positions , look no further than RMS Recruitment. Speak to an experienced recruitment consultant today if you have any questions or queries. Contact us online or call RMS Recruitment directly on 020 7518 9170 .

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