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Recruitment agencies and the use of social media

Whether you’re a social media addict or you don’t know your tweets from your likes, there’s no denying the importance of social media in today’s society. Businesses use social media to engage directly with their consumers and use the platforms to attract new customers.

Recruitment agencies also have online presences which they can use to advertise vacant positions, highlight their services to potential employers and offer advice and support to potential candidates. RMS Recruitment is no different with active Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts that allow us to post the latest PA and secretarial jobs in London as well as promoting our blog. We are excited to be launching an account on the latest social media craze, Snapchat.


Gone are the days of job positions being advertised in print with up to five-day lead times and CVs sent through the post. Companies are now incorporating the latest social media platforms into the hiring process for speed and targeting their ideal candidates. Snapchat has been used to raise awareness of vacant job roles or internships, for example American food delivery company GrubHub used Snapchat to increase interest in their summer internship programme. They asked students to snap them their best doodle and follow a link to apply.

Mass media giants AOL used Snapchat to promote diversity within their company whilst also attracting more women to their open positions. They used Snapchat to show brief videos about what it was like to work with AOL. Applications rose by 18% following the week-long Snapchat campaign. RMS Recruitment will soon be launching on Snapchat and hope to use the platform in a number of different ways, including promoting vacant positions and engaging with our candidates.


RMS Recruitment London is a professional recruitment agency that is dedicated to matching hard-working, talented individuals with respected employers. We specialise in PA, secretarial and other office support jobs in the London area . _ For any information on the services we provide both candidates and clients, you can get in touch with one of our expert consultants by contacting us online . You can also call our offices directly on 020 7518 9170 .

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