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Salary Benchmark To Retain Top Talent

One of the main reasons candidates come to us looking for a new job is that they feel underpaid and undervalued.  By the time your employee has registered with a recruitment agency, gone for interviews and been courted by their new prospective employer, it is probably too late to retain them.  You could counter-offer and give them their market value when they hand in their notice but even if they accept, a great deal of damage has already been done.  Their head has been turned and their attitude towards your company has potentially soured. 

Underpaying staff is a false economy, so why not ensure that you are paying the market rate.  Company brand and culture, career satisfaction, flexible working, diversity and ethical policies all affect the value of the role but keeping staff and your competitive edge but knowing what that is from the inside can be tricky. 

At RMS, we run salary reviews every year to support our clients’ staff retention statistics and ensure they attract and retain the best talent on the market.  If you would like a copy of our salary survey and assistance with benchmarking your salaries and benefits for your support staff please get in touch on 0207 518 9170 or by email  clients@rmsrecruitment.com

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