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The Real RMS Recruitment: Getting Up Close and Personal with Our Firm

RMS Recruitment is a boutique consultancy that specialises in recruiting secretarial and office support staff for permanent, contract and temporary positions. Located near Bond Street, at the heart of London’s West End, we’re known for our work across all industry sectors in London. Our main goal has always been to find the right balance and to provide the best services by getting to know our candidates and clients.

How We Started

Our journey began in January 2000, when founders and directors Tessa Meadows-Smith and Kate Rawlings sought to establish their own consultancy. Having worked in the recruitment market for more than 25 years, Tessa and Kate envisioned their own recruitment agency that would provide only the best recruitment service to stand out in such a competitive business.

One thing they noticed with other larger agencies is that these agencies give their candidates anonymity. This means they sometimes send candidates to clients without even meeting them, therefore not having a first-hand assessment of their character and potential. Tessa and Kate wanted their consultancy to be big enough to hold a rich list of candidates and job vacancies, but small enough for consultants to have time to know, meet, interview, and assess each candidate.

What We Do We

attract and invite only top-quality candidates with training and experience in support roles for various industries like Finance, Property, Events, Banking, PR and Fashion. We combine the latest technology with traditional networking to refresh our database of candidates. Our current database holds over 15,000 candidates, but we always keep an eye out for new talents through social media, traditional networking, training colleges, clubs, ad campaigns and newsletters ensuring that we have the best talent available.

How We Do It

We’ve developed a loyal client and candidate database through the years, due to our unique candidate -focused process. Our trained consultants use exacting standards set by Kate and Tessa to assess each candidate. They are aware that pretty CVs don’t always reflect the capabilities of a candidate, whilst a plain one may belong to the most skilled in the batch. Our consultants judge a candidate’s perfect fit for a client through the face-to-face interview, to reveal the true person behind the CV. We take the time to know our candidates based on their academic merits, skills, experience, character and references. To provide the best employment solutions for our clients, our consultants visit them to see what they need, based on their cultural uniqueness, brand image, key candidate requirements and character profiles. We pride ourselves in the effort we exert towards making sure each candidate finds the best match in a client.

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