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What is a recruitment agency?

Landing the dream job is a difficult task, especially in today’s competitive job market, but recruitment agencies can help. Meanwhile, employers often go to recruitment agencies to help fill vacant positions as they just don’t have the time to sufficiently look through all of the applications that are sent. But what is the role of a recruitment agency, and how can they help you?

Recruitment agencies are external firms that find suitable candidates for employers. They are tasked by employers to find candidates for vacant positions within their organisations to save time and money and access the extended candidate net that a direct advert and company network cannot reach. RMS Recruitment and other recruitment agencies are needed because hiring employees can take a significant amount of time. Hiring the right person is important, and with today’s competitive job market, an employer can look through hundreds of applications to find a suitable candidate to interview.


It is not just the cost efficiency but the management and access to all the candidates that makes it the preferred choice for most employers. HR and recruitment coordinators within employers will use an agency to get the best value and best candidate on the market and thereby gain a leading edge over their competitors with superior staff and efficiency on cost. Most agencies will give a guarantee on the placement of a candidate which means that the element of risk in the business of hiring people is limited and a replacement is often provided free of charge within the early months of a candidate’s placement.


Recruiting companies will benefit from access to large numbers of suitable candidates and the expert skills of a recruitment agency which is seeing hundreds of candidates through networking, recommendations and online adverts which they get at discounted volume rates from the job boards. Selecting candidates that stand out from the crowd and carving out the candidates particularly suitable to a culture, personality and nuances of a job spec is much easier for a recruiter.

The process from identifying a hiring need to engaging a candidate is managed by the agency, contacting and briefing candidates in depth on a role to ensure that every element is suitable for both candidate and client, arranging and rearranging interviews, giving negative feedback where necessary which can often have a detrimental effect on a company’s brand if not done in a sensitive manner where a wider perspective from an agency looking after multiple companies, characters and roles can be delivered. The time and cost efficiencies mean that the employer can select from a handful of suitable candidates, giving them the freedom to focus on their own business priorities. RMS Recruitment works with both candidates and clients in London, connecting talented, hard-working individuals with vacant PA and secretarial positions at respected businesses.


RMS Recruitment was set up over 17 years ago to provide an alternative to high volume high sales recruitment agencies. We have over 50 years’ combined experience working within the recruitment and business management industries, amassing a reputation as one of the most reliable, professional PA recruitment companies in London . The key difference is finding a fit for the long term and supporting the employer if not. A six month guarantee ensures consultants focus on accuracy and honesty, a refreshing change for both candidates listening to a job spec and clients listening to a candidate profile.

Business development comes from recommendations which are at the heart of the business model. A recommendation will only come from happy candidates and clients. RMS offers services to both candidates seeking a job and clients looking to hire the right person. Whether it is temporary, contract or permanent, PA or secretarial work, the focus is on doing a great job.

For any information on the services offered by RMS Recruitment you can contact our team online or call us directly on 020 7518 9170 .

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