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Are you having difficulty finding and securing a job that you truly want? Perhaps you need an expert consultant to help you secure stable and fulfilling work. This is where RMS can help you. We are a recruitment agency based in Victoria and we are here to help all those looking for PA and EA jobs in London and the West End areas.

We are always looking for talented candidates who are available for permanent, contract and temporary positions. With over 20 years’ experience in our industry, we have an ever-increasing database of clients who have vacancies in receptionist, PA, EA and admin positions. If you think you have what it takes to succeed in these roles but are having difficulty finding the right company to work for, come and talk to us and we will help you move forwards to where you want to be.
Calling All Admin, Secretarial
and PA Candidates In London
RMS Recruitment maintains one of the highest standards in the recruitment industry, and what this means is that we command a great level of respect among the enterprises we deal with. We select our secretarial candidates carefully and with much consideration, because we only want to offer the very best to our clients. If we select you, you will be assured of our full support as we find the best companies to place you in.

If you are selected, it means that you have one of the most trusted names in the receptionist recruitment, PA, EA and admin industry backing you up. More than finding you a job, we genuinely care about your aspirations and career goals. We keep our current list of vacant jobs constantly updated so there's no unnecessary time wasted.
Why You Should Register
With RMS Recruitment
We listen intently to your needs, follow your development closely to make sure you are on the right path and only offer you job opportunities relevant to your interests. Register with RMS Recruitment and we will give you detailed information about the company you are going to potentially work for, what you can expect about its culture, and what your new PA or secretarial position entails. We give you the pros and the cons so that you go in to a position knowing that it is right for you.  We have refused to work with clients who have treated our candidates unfairly to maintain our reputation as one of the best recruitment agencies for support roles

Our partnerships with our London based clients built up over 20 years, means we have the knowledge and experience to offer insightful and a historic background which you will benefit from.  When we work with new clients, we have a structured process that ensures we build a deep understanding of the company and role to find a long term fit for both candidate and client.  We offer you detailed knowledge so that you are equipped to decide which roles you want to be put forward to and make an informed decision on your next career move.
Matching Talent With
We work with clients from a diverse range of industries of industries, all of whom are in need of highly competent candidates. It is our job to match candidates with the right clients, and we do this by completely understanding what both parties need. We thoroughly interview every candidate, either zoom or in person, in order to gain a deep understanding of ability, personality, characteristics, experience and to discuss how we best meet their career aspirations and detailed search criteria including salary, location, industry, role and availability in person and working from home. This allows us to carefully match client specifications with candidate aspirations to mitigate time wasted throughout the recruitment process.

We have your best interests in mind and each candidate and client is assigned a dedicated consultant in order to build a long term relationship that will develop to maximise efficiency of your time. With this long term approach, we work with the most reputable clients and trusted candidates who come back to us time and again to find the best talent for EA, PA, reception, admin and support roles.

Our Contracts and Temp team have exactly the same approach to matching talent with short term opportunities because we understand that whether you have a temp for four hours or four years, they are fundamental to the success of your business. Our Temps and Contractors are all treated with the same care as if they were a permanent member of staff and looked after as a treasured RMS employee.
Interview Tips For Candidates
RMS Recruitment have compiled a list of tips and tricks to maximise your chances of getting that all important PA or secretarial position.
due diligence
Research the company.
List some good questions to ask.
Plan your route (arrive 15 minutes before the interview).
Wear appropriate dress (your consultant can advise on the company style).
Take a copy of your CV for the interviewer but don’t use it for reference.
Good, strong (not too tight) handshake.
Never swear or put down work colleagues, previous bosses or employers.
Be open with your answers and about your skills and experience.
Relax and enjoy the interview. Try and build a good rapport.
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