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Permanent Recruitment In London
What We Look For
We are an equal opportunities recruiter and work with clients who rely on us to source from a diverse pool of candidates.  Many clients ask us to anonymise CVs and profiles to eliminate unconscious bias in their selection. We are members of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) which is our industry governing body that strives to improve industry practices and standards.  Most of our consultants have either passed or are working towards their REC exams so that they are equipped with in-depth knowledge and expertise to operate within the boundaries of the law and provide best practice consultancy to clients and candidates.

We seek out candidates with the required relevant experience in PA, EA, admin, reception or support positions but most importantly we look for candidates, with a great work ethic, passion and commitment to excel in their career.  For candidates starting their career in EA, PA, admin, reception and support roles, we can advise on useful skills and qualifications or organise work experience to build confidence or trial a particular industry and find paid temp work for candidates wishing to trial different industries before selecting your chosen career or build experience inbetween other ventures such as travel, acting or supplementing income with other part time work.  

We meet all our clients in order to support business goals and source suitable candidates who can meet those aspirations.  Our client relationships are built over the long term which means that we can give you a true understanding of a company’s culture so that you can be selective about where you commit your time for interviews.  We respect your time is precious and we will work with you to ensure it is spent in the most efficient way to find your dream role. This will ensure you go into your new job with your eyes wide open and minimise any potential misunderstanding of what is involved, match your search criteria and fulfil your career aspirations.
Permanent Recruitment In London
Your Interview
We equally make a promise to our clients that we meet all our candidates face to face. In that meeting our aim is to get to know you properly, using your CV as the framework and for you to highlight your skills, experience and aspirations. This is not a client meeting but your chance to explore opportunities and show your character and share your experiences with your consultant. Our job is to use that understanding to fly your flag so that you get to put your best foot forward when interviewing for your favourite job.

It is this skilled care and the passion for doing a great job that makes us stand out from other recruitment agencies. This is why our candidates want to call us first either to look for a new job or to recruit a candidate for their own company.
Your Choice of Roles
Graduate? Most of our clients look for a degree educated EA, PA, Receptionist or a career driven candidate who is looking to progress so this would also include candidates of graduate calibre.  A career as an EA or a PA?  What is the difference?  Private PA? Administrator? Team Assistant? Operations Assistant?  Chief of Staff? Office Manager?  Marketing Executive? Unsure about what you want?  We are here to help, advise, consult and go through your options.  

We are looking to find your dream role and to do that we need to understand you, your experience, skills, your aspirations and goals which we do not just at your first interview but over the course of your job search.  We want to maximise your opportunities and secure you with a role that will last and fulfil because a happy candidate means a happy client.  We work with our candidates over the course of their career to offer positions that will bring job satisfaction and career happiness and fulfillment.
Your Choice Of Sectors & Industries
Just some of the clients we work with regularly include creative (interior design, media, fashion, architecture, arts, film and production), financial (city corporates, private equity, hedge funds and real estate investment), technology, education (including schools and private training companies), recruitment and a broad range of charities who benefit from our special charity rates.

Can’t decide? Apply to register and one of our trained and experienced consultants will help you find your perfect career!
Unique RMS Guarantee Means a Perfect Match - Happy Candidates Who Want To Stay
We provide our clients with a long guarantee period which means that we are committed to finding you a long-term fit. Solid CVs are more and more valued by clients as this is a good indicator of whether you will stick out your next job. It is important that we do our bit to make sure we keep the longevity on your CV going and that you come back to us when you are looking for your next career move. We want to be the agency that gives you the exciting news that you have been offered the job of your dreams at the salary you desire with the people you want to work with!
Interview Tips For Candidates
RMS Recruitment have compiled a list of tips and tricks to maximise your chances of getting that all important PA or secretarial position.
due diligence
Research the company.
List some good questions to ask.
Plan your route (arrive 15 minutes before the interview).
Wear appropriate dress (your consultant can advise on the company style).
Take a copy of your CV for the interviewer but don’t use it for reference.
Good, strong (not too tight) handshake.
Never swear or put down work colleagues, previous bosses or employers.
Be open with your answers and about your skills and experience.
Relax and enjoy the interview. Try and build a good rapport.
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